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Salam Alaikum, Shalom and Peace. I am Mazin. SO how did this blog get started? Initially I had no idea about what topics should I post stuff and  had it started with the childish intention of “Oh ! My  younger brother has a blog ! So I need to have one too !”. But then It came to me that I could put in some effort to the get the truth on Israel-Palestine and show to the world the injustices done to the Palestinians. I also post articles on various other issues that I consider crucial in countering negative stereotypes.

As you can clearly see from my site that my own contribution to it is quite little . Most of the time , I take articles written by journalists, peace activists and also Publications from several Human Rights Organisations.

Then there is the presence of copyright content which may contain images . In such cases the sources are always mentioned and if you do not wish that they appear on this site , then do let me know .

You can contact me at mazinxfs@gmail.com .



  1. Mazin said,

    To the visitors on my site :

    Do you have any problem with the font size of my site ? Is it small ? If your pc’s or laptops have higher resolutions than the font size is bit small , I believe…


  2. mangchik said,

    Font’s fine. May Allah rewards u with Jannah, Insya Allah


  3. Steph P. said,

    Hi. You left a comment on my blog, and I’d just like to say that your blog is awesome. That’s about all, but you have cool opinions. =)


  4. what a nice post, I really like the picture


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